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Yoga Studio's PU Yoga Mat has an innovative moisture-absorbing design which increases the grip with increased moisture. The mat features a rubber base to stop the mat from slipping on most surfaces.

Features - 

  • Durable polyurethane is easy to wipe clean.
  • Rubber Base.
  • Non-slip surface which is ideal for hot yoga.
  • Wicks away moisture to secure your grip.
  • Size Dimensions - 183cm x 68cm x 5mm, Weight - 3.4kg.
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Brand New and Revolutionary Top Surface Coat offers unparalleled Grip. Yoga Studio's PU Yoga Mat has an innovative moisture-absorbing design made to increase the grip with increased moisture. The mat features double sided technology. The top side of the mat, the “sticky” side, is made of an Eco-polyurethane (PU) material which absorbs moisture (hence the grip). The bottom side is made from clean Natural Responsibly sourced rubber which provides more cushion and unparalleled grip on the floor.
Manufactured free of the top six most harmful phthalates, this mat is a healthy choice for both you and the planet. 

Features -

  • Durable polyurethane is easy to wipe clean.
  • Rubber Base.
  • Non-slip mat ideal for hot yoga.
  • Wicks away moisture to secure your grip.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Extra cushioning to support your joints.

Info & Care - 

  • Size Dimensions - 183cm x 68cm x 5mm
  • Materials - PVC. Latex Free*  6P Free: Free of DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP phthalates.
  • Weight - 3.4kg

Yoga Studio's PU Yoga Mat actually becomes more and more Grippier the hotter & sweater your practice becomes, giving you the security and performance you need.
We made our mat a little longer and wider than the traditional yoga mat to give you a little more area to play.
Positively Amazing for Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram, CorePower Yoga, Modo Yoga... and any exercise that involves sweat, moisture with a need for Unparalleled Grip!
 Yoga Studio's PU Yoga Mat Non-Slip mat is made with Eco-Polyurethan. Natural Ethically sourced Rubber is used for base of our PU mats which are also "6P Free" which means it has no nasty chemicals, metals, toxins etc.

More Details
Brand Yoga Studio
Product Weight (kg) 3.4000
Thickness 5mm
Made In China

Customer Reviews

Yoga Mat that does not slip Finally! Saw the guys at the OM Yoga trade show in London, got to try the mats in the classes and on their stand. really good mats for the grip and comfort.
Review by Mary Tuffey (Posted on 30/10/2018)
Yes! My teacher has one of this grip-mats which we all steal as much as possible especially for headstands or holding poses like Warrior. Got the intro discount and free delivery - So pleased. Came the next day as well, was so surprised it came the next day!
Although it is a perfect yoga mat - i never give anything full marks/stars! so a 4 star is the best they could get from me!
many thanks
Review by Eloise Conte (Posted on 01/10/2018)
as above - excellent mat.
Review by Finlay Wilson (Posted on 11/09/2018)
Very Very non-slip yoga mat! Quite heavy, but it is made out of rubber as well, came with a carry strap too. Very good mat.
Review by Casey (Posted on 05/09/2018)
I am from the States. Have had manduka, Jade, Karma Khare and liforme yoga mats. Jade is the Best Rubber mat ever. Manduka is overpriced, Liforme only lasts 1 year and is totally overpriced. This Yoga Studio "grip mat" is the same surface as liforme but seems more durable and longer lasting - Thats why i said its better than liforme.
Review by Kall (Posted on 13/07/2018)
I bought this mat for extra grip, its a fantastic mat for the money. The surface of the mat is the same as the really expensive Liforme mats.
Review by Tammy (Posted on 03/07/2018)
My teacher had this (or a thinner version of this mat) and let me use it because i was slipping everywhere! 1st try was amazing. I could not believe how non-slip this mat is, i had to get one. I recommend these to all my friends now. thank you
Review by Tori Jones (Posted on 15/06/2018)
Tried "grippy sticky yoga mats" before - all terrible compared to this Truly Grip Mat. I feel like Yogi Bear! Thanks for the recommendation as well Yoga studio.
cheers James
Review by JamesGrip, (Posted on 04/06/2018)
My mate told me about these YogaStudio get2grips mats - think they have changed the name? anyway these mats are honestly the best grip on a ago mat i have ever come across.
Review by Simon Letts (Posted on 01/06/2018)
My studio had lululemon mats before cos i need the grip but they are not a cheap price. These Pu mats are much much better than the old Lululemon mats and the price is much better = No brainer! They even sent me a free sample to test first, cool guys. thanks for everything
Review by Macey (Posted on 01/06/2018)

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