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Yoga Mat Bags

As an important accessory, the yoga mat bag must fit the needs of the individual. For some, the yoga mat bag must be large enough to hold a rolled-up yoga or Pilates mat, blanket, props and yoga clothing. For others, a neat, slim-line yoga bag is all that is required. Designed to be worn over the shoulder, most yoga mat bags should be able to accommodate any thickness of yoga mat, while remaining comfortable to carry.

Are you constantly on the go? We have a great selection of light-weight yoga mat bags, all fitted with adjustable straps and full-length zips for easy access. Excellent value for money, our Standard Yoga Mat Bag holds a yoga or pilates mat and two blocks , plus a cargo pocket to protect personal items during class.

For those taking regular yoga sessions, the Urban yoga mat bag is ideal, holding both yoga mats and equipment. We have yoga and pilates mat bags to suit everyone from beginners, to long-term enthusiasts and yoga teachers, so whatever your taste, we're sure you'll find something to suit.

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