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Yoga mats are probably the most popular of all yoga equipment available. Good yoga mats improve balance and co-ordination, enabling greater stability when adopting any number of yoga poses. The yoga mat should be non slip for fast paced exercises and above all, comfortable and durable.
Yoga Studio have made it easy to choose & buy a yoga mat or pilates mat & also to buy yoga mats in bulk.

Manduka Yoga Mats

Black Mat® PRO
This best-selling, thick yoga mat is luxuriously dense for unparalleled comfort and cushioning. With a superior non-slip fabric-like finish, and simple, elegant design, the Black Mat® PRO will revolutionize your practice

Price: 75.00 
Manduka Yoga Mats
Non-Slip Yoga Mats

This quality anti-slip yoga mat is the choice of many yoga teachers, yoga students...

Eco-Friendly TPE Yoga Mats

Eco friendly yoga mats are made from the latest eco polymers and free of Phthalate, AZO, Phenol...

Natural Rubber Yoga Mats

Natural Rubber Yoga Mats are made from Natural rubber, which made them biodegradable and...

Deluxe Extra Thick Yoga Mats

Deluxe thick yoga mats for comfort, performance & relaxation...

Wai Lana Yoga Mats

Wai Lana's beautiful selection of mats offers you a safe foundation for your yoga or Pilates practice.

Extra Wide Yoga Mats

Extra wide yoga mats for those wide poses & extra width on the mat...

Cotton Yoga Rugs

Custom yoga rugs, crafted from pure cotton and ideal for yoga practice or decorating your living space ...

Children's Yoga Mats

Child-friendly, non-slip and easy to use, our children's yoga mats promote healthy fun...

Yoga Mats for Hot Yoga

The Quick-Dry, High-Performance yoga mat is the essential mat for power yoga, ashtanga, hot yoga ...

Travel Yoga Mats

Full size lightweight travel yoga mat that will fit in a suitcase or backpack...

Grip Dot Yoga Towel

A yoga mat towel for an anti-slip yoga mat either on its own or on top of a yoga mat...

Yoga Mat Accessories

Jo-Sha Wipes are natural cleansing yoga mat wipes infused with soothing essential oils

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