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Reinforced Folding Yoga Chair

Reinforced Folding Yoga Chair

Our folding yoga chairs have been designed for strength and rigidity. Used to aid rotation in seated twists, for support in backbends, in viparita karani; and for refinement of the shoulder stand. Ideal for serious Iyengar students and studios. Chairs fold flat for easy storage and have durable white non-marking feet.

Seat height 41cm

Tubular steel construction

Max recommended user weight 100Kg.

Price: 38.95 


Customer Reviews

  A strong chair!  This yoga chair is really strong and does help you to do a number of positions. My only complaints is that it isn't really the most stylish on the market, though it stores away so visitors don't really see it anyway!   (29/12/2011) Anna - Wilts

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